We offer a centralized set of tools dedicated to managing your customer support. Our service allows you to forget about infinite numbers of spreadsheets and access databases. When conducting any business in which you need to keep in contact with your customers, and maintain sales and service history, you will appreciate the possibilities that a tailor-made CRM system provides.


As your number of customers grows, and you no longer have time to create all of the documentation, contracts and invoices on your own, it’s time to automate all of the repetitive processes. Our software allows you to focus on delivering your services, instead of wasting time on paperwork.


By switching to our CRM software, first and foremost you gain complete control over all of your documents, employees and customers. Transferring all data to a single secure location lest you avoid any potential loss of data that would normally be spread across different media and computers. With our powerful servers, you can use the app anytime, and from anywhere in the world.


For each application we can create any set of reports and charts, with the ability to export to formats such as pdf or xlsx.


Dedicated software web applications CRM eCRF
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