E-commerce and b2b applications

In times when demand for e-commerce software is increasing, the requirements that these applications have to meet are also growing. The vast majority of commercially available online stores are simple tools, not capable of providing stable growth in productivity with increased traffic and demand for your services.


The undeniable shortcomings of ready-made applications are their level of complexity and the issues that arise when trying to update or customize them. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in writing dedicated stores and applications that are aimed at direct contact between businesses.


We offer integration with accounting programs, Allegro, eBay or external communication systems, e.g. using WebServer. Examples of use of such systems can be found within courier companies and external wholesale magazines that provide real-time information on stock levels. We build dispersed warehouses that share their information between multiple stores and additional accounting software.


Our solutions are characterized by absolute focus and alignment of each module to the needs of the industry, to create forms and procedures which are easily capable of dealing with human error.


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